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Ainulindale VIII by Anubis1000 Ainulindale VIII by Anubis1000

"And it came to pass that Iluvatar called together all the ainur and declared to them a mighty theme.
Unfolding to them things greater and more wonderful then He had yet revealed."
-The Silmarillion

Iluvatar, in the center of the image...speaks to the ainur and maia as they whirl about him in rapted attention.

His word, and the power and beauty of his thought, are here put forth so that they may understand it...and they are delighted by the new and wonderful themes he has articulated for them.

Here you can see Iluvatar encapsulated by his own thought, words and ideas for this new theme swirl about him and blast forth into the Void.

This is the first image where the embodiement of the Ainur can clearly be seen as small planetoids and asteroids begin to appear in the foreground.

The angelic ainur and maia spin about Iluvatar...trying to take in all that is being said.

In this image I have used the metaphoric image of Iluvatar as the spiral galaxy and his thoughts and words are represented by the magnetic field lines which issue from the top and bottom of his being.

Torrents of ideas swirl from the points above and below and essay into the Void for all to comprehend.

The ainur and maia, drawn in closer to Iluvatar to better understand his themes, spin and rotate about Him. (Caught up, no doubt, by the gravitational pull of his words.)

The image is of course comprised of the spiral galaxy imagery I used before, as well as asteroids and planetoids, green, red and blue nebulas, computer generated representations of magnetic fields, and time-lapse photography of stars as they traverse the skyline.

UPDATE I finally got around to adding the collage elements to this image.

I used images of schooling fish to insinuate the spirits gathering around to hear Iluvatars words.

Red koi as well as blue barracuda, a manta ray and yellow carp were all used.

You can also find white birds flying in formation along the energy lines and natilus shell patter and the cross section of one are used to further emphasis the intricate energy of Iluvatars words.

I'm not exactly sure why this image ended up incorporating so many natical images but i feel it turned out ok.

The Silmarillion Project: [link]
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SocQA Featured By Owner Jan 18, 2013
Nice interpretation. I prefer the idea for Iluvatar being an ethereal, spiritual being which can change its form at will instead of one corporeal form. It is also questionable if a god like Iluvatar has a "body" in our understanding of the concept.
Nice work :)
Anubis1000 Featured By Owner Jan 28, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Thank You so much I appreciate that truely :)
SocQA Featured By Owner Feb 1, 2013
You're welcome :)
solalis1226 Featured By Owner Mar 3, 2012   General Artist
Great work!!
Anubis1000 Featured By Owner Mar 4, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Thank you so much
Kitt-Otter Featured By Owner Mar 1, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
I'm loving the astronomical theme! I can see so much motion and depth; just lovely. :)
Anubis1000 Featured By Owner Mar 2, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
i thank you soo soo much Kitt :)
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February 29, 2012
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